Sunday, July 16, 2006

DRC: Prologue (along with Cover wip)

Set in an alternate world similar to Earth, Dark Raven Clique is a story about destiny and how one can change there own fate. Dark Raven Clique is a story about a young girl named Kyana who is born with extraordinary powers.

The beginning: In the world of DRC, super humans walk the earth as the majority, Some thrive to do good, protecting those in need while many others choose a different route. Furthermore, science and technology is at a stand still. Those in power attempt failed experiments to push the boundaries of science even further.

One day an object falls from the sky crashing down on the planet below. The government agencies respond to the site discovering alien lifeforms. Many of the aliens died but those that survived were nursed back to health. Showing their gratitude, the alien survivors helped the people of the planet in their technological advances. Once the humans were satisfied with the results they turned on the aliens, imprisoning them and performing horrific experiments. With his last breath the last remaining alien prophesized that a powerful being would come to destroy the humans for their wrong doing. Years later a super human female named Scorn appeared. She was able to phenomianl feats with her mind. People were in awe and looked to her as a God until she began causing havoc and destroying everything in her sight. This type of power was unheard of and people thought that this was the being who the alien prophesized would come to destroy the world. Many lives were lost but in the end she was slaughtered, but she promised to one day return and finish the job she started.

This was the start of an age of oppression as more and more people were born with mind powers similar to the woman before them. They were seeked out and killed because everyone was afraid of such a power. As time passed some of these mind powered humans hid their true powers for their own sakes. The government has found out about this and have placed bounties on the heads of anyone who has these powers.

Upon further investigation, it is believed by some that the people in charge misunderstood the aliens warning. They believe that the mind powered beings are evolved and that they are the next generation of superhumans. It is also said that the prophecy have not yet occured and that this new generation of super humans appeared to aid in the saving of the world.

These views have cause major conflict and have led to many people actually protecting this new generation. Kyana Mitchell is one of those who are being protected, but her downfall may be right around the corner as people have started to become suspicious of her. Is she a savior or a destroyer and why does she have a striking resemblance to Scorn? Could she possible be her reincarnation or something else entirely?