Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tracy and Chris

Tracy Thomas aka Wipeout and Christopher Childs aka Eclipse

Tracy is best friends with fellow teammate Chris aka Eclipse. They have known each other since they were kids. They have since been unseperable. They were training to become members of the Corp and showed incredible skill and prowess. Sniper noticed them and decided to recruit them to join the DRC. They agreed and have since become dependable members of the Clique.

Though they are the best of friends their personalities are completely opposite. Tracy is the loud mouth, foul mouthed party girl who loves to have fun and Chris is the quiet loner. Both Tracy and Chris are both enhanced humans meaning they were born with incredible powers. Tracy can increase the dexterity of her skin becoming as hard as steel. The harder she makes her skin the less mobile she becomes. Chris has the power to absorb energy. He can absorb energy blast from firearms or life energy from other lifeforms. He must then release this energy by recharging his body, fire energy blasts from his hands or other creative ways. If the energy is not discharged in a timely manner he can become physically and emotionally unstable.

Stay tuned for the rest of the Dark Raven Clique members

Saturday, August 12, 2006

DRC: Nebula

Code Name: Nebula
Real Name: Danielle Danes (DeeDee)

Here's DRC's second in command. She was also a member of the Corp Elite and specializes in computers. She is a class S hacker, meaning she is one of the highest ranked computer hackers in the business. Like Sniper, she also has cybernetic attachments. Nebula's cybernetics allow her to communicate with computers more freely. Now she acts as the eyes and ears of the DRC searching for mind powered beings and staying ahead of those who oppose her group. She doubles as the team treasurer, secretly withdrawing money from wealthy accounts to help fund the DRC. She targets wealthy organizations, taking small, almost unnoticable amounts from these accounts but just enough to support the teams needs and expenses.

Nebula is also a user of firearms and owns a pulse cannon, not yet released on the market. As a matter of fact. She stole the prototype and the blueprints from he previous employer as a parting gift. The missing blueprints make it near impossible for the cannon to be recreated. This is one way of stopping such a powerful weapon from getting in the hands of those who would use it to cause terror and destruction.

Nebula likes eating ice cream and searching the internet.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

DRC: Sniper

Inttroducing Sniper
Real Name: Shawn Davids

Shawn is a former member of the Corps Elite. He discovered some shady dealings going on throughout the corporation and decided to dig deeper. Shawn found out information about the alien technology and the genocide of those who were born with the powers of the mind. Shawn was one of the lead members who carried out some of the assassinations. Feeling regret, he ran awol with his field partner, Nebula. Together they created the Dark Raven Clique and turned their focus to aiding the mind powered humans. They have now focused their attention on Kyana after reading her file and discovering that she has become the next target. They intend to end the assassinations, starting with her and bringing on a new peaceful era following the age of oppression.

Sniper has cybernetic augmentation that allows him to link to certain firearms. This enables him to lock on to targets and deliver direct hits at a 90% chance. He is deadly at long range but is still able to hold his own in hand to hand combat. More info on Sniper and the remaining members of DRC later.