Friday, September 22, 2006

Pookie and Snuckum animated clip and character line up

Here is a line up of some of the characters for The Adventures of Pookie and Snuckums.

l to r: Whip Appeal, Shorty Hardrock, Pookie, Nevaeh, Snuckums, Annihilator, Sticks, and Skate Dizzle

More charaters are in the works so keep a look out.

And here is a link to an animated clip that I did for fun. The sound seems to be off slightly for some reason. It was working perfectly before I edited the size of the file. Also I colored the characters in Photoshop and the ToonBoom program created a halo effect around the characters for whatever reason. I guess I'll do all of my coloring in ToonBoom from now on.


Ray Villalba said...

Awesome line up. I really dig your style.

Catriel Tallarico y Silvana Benaghi said...

el diseƱo de estos personajes es tremendo, increibles, me gustan mucho!
un saludo