Thursday, November 16, 2006


I had drawn this illo a month ago and was gonna post it but I misplaced it. Now that I find it again I am hesitant to put it up just cause the mighty
  • Eric Canete
  • used his god-like illustration skills to create one hell of an Elektra pic that easily puts mine to shame. But, I'm not gonna shy away from posting my horrible attempt. Nope, I'm not known to back down, nope not me. But I do give props and I would just like to thank Mr. Canete for raising the bar with every post. True inspiration indeed!


    Catriel Tallarico y Silvana Benaghi said...

    muy, pero muy, buen material, me gustan mucho los lapices

    Catriel Tallarico y Silvana Benaghi said...


    nuevamente yo, muchas gracias por visitar mi blog, chris!!!, y te pido perdon por escribirte en castellano, pero mi ingles no es bueno.
    Tus trabajos son realmente excelentes, principalmente el estilo de los personajes... felicitaciones de nuevo!!

    un saludo!

    Roc said...

    nice take man. . .i dig it.


    Anonymous said...

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    Catriel Tallarico y Silvana Benaghi said...

    hey chris!, queremos ver mas diseƱos, son tremendos!