Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Nicolas Marlet Sketchbook

Okay, I decided to check out this awesome blog that I'm sure everyone has heard of, Fellow blogger, Randall Sly posted, not too long ago, that the great Nicolas Marlet had just recently had a sketchbook published featuring personal work hat he has done. 164 pages for around $25, what a deal! He posted the link to the Gallery Nucleus website where the book can be purchase. By the time I was aware of the sketchbook(last week) it was sold out. Of course this comes to no surprise but I wanted the book badly.

It didn't take me long to find the book of course because I have a very reliable source for getting my hands on rare and out of print books, Stuart Ng Books. So for those of you who just needs to have this book, here's the direct link to the page where it can be found,

Tell him Chris Sims from ArtOfficial Studios sent you and you can thank me later.

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