Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Misery Loves Company post 01

This is a series that I have been wanting to do for a loooooong time. I have had a lot of hits and misses with my last projects (mostly misses, I seem to run into a lot of those). I've been playing wiht a lot of ideas with how to approach this one as dar as genre. Fantasy, Sci-fi, Thriller, Drama? So many ways to go. This decision was affected by everything that I am interested in. Comics, Hip Hop, Jrpgs, Kung fu movies, and a few television shows. But I decided to go with drama, Crime drama to be more precise. Why, because the only thing that is influencing me at this point of my life is crime dramas, Jason Aaron's Scalped, Son's of Anarchy, In Too Deep, Belly, Death Sentence and more recently, The Wire and 100 bullets have all just grabbed me by the neck and refused to let go. Why, because they are so real.

So now I am crafting something that will take parts that I love from all of my failed projects, some which have been featured on this blog like Dark Raven Clique and Pookie and Snuckums, and start creating something that I will want to continue working on until it is 100 percent finished.

The image above is a promotional image featuring Redbone Pretty, (more about her later) and is also featured on my redbubble t-shirt page. Check the slideshow on the right!

Thanks for reading and wish me luck on this journey. Peace!

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