Monday, May 08, 2006

1st Post!!!

What's up everyone? I decided to create a blog for myself. During the past couple months I have been influence by numerous artistic bloggers out here and it led me to join the community. Hopefully I can get the chance to actually interact with some of you and become a total fanboy all over again. I am working on numerous projects at the moment so expect a lot of artwork in the near future. As for right now, I gotta try to get a hang of things here. Later!

Edit: Here's a lil' portrait of Sorrow from my upcoming animated short Love and Hate.



hey man!

welcome! and i hope you post new work as often as you can. good luck with your upcoming projects and maybe (if you've got the inclination) you can post some of the progress for that on your blog. oh, and thanks for the kind comments - i'll give you a heads-up about the sketchbook. like i said, keep posting; i've bookmarked this blog so i'll be dropping every now and again.


Chris Sims said...

Thanks Eric! I've got a lot to post so updates should be consistent.