Saturday, May 20, 2006

This is the cover to issue 1 of a comic series that I'm working on called Strong Dragon. I'm done with the pencils for issue one and I'm currently waiting for the issue 2 script but it still haven't recieved it. Hopefully everyone involved can continue to work on the project because I was really starting to like it. I'll post some pages later.


lorraine_alvarez said...

Very cool black and white, comic cover!

Chris Sims said...

Thanks Lorraine!

Antonio Santamaria said...

Chris... Magnificent one! I told you sometime... you have a wonderful style... I adore it. About this one I like the composition of characters and the always effective vertical areas of colour, b/w for this one. Congratulations. Fantastic!

P.S. I am grateful to you for add my name to your LINKS but... ehem... I am a male, not female... HA HA HAAA... My name is AntoniO, not AntoniA... If you could change it, I will avoid problems and explanations with my wife ;P

Thank you man and... I add to you also to the links of my blog.

Chris Sims said...

Hey, Antonio. I'm glad you like my work. I've been trying really hard to improve and expand on my skills. and I'm sorry about the typo. Ha ha. Maybe I should use copy and paste more instead of trying to type everything out. lol. I just might avoid future mistakes.

Take care, bro and thank you for adding my link to your page. I really appreciate it.