Thursday, August 03, 2006

DRC: Sniper

Inttroducing Sniper
Real Name: Shawn Davids

Shawn is a former member of the Corps Elite. He discovered some shady dealings going on throughout the corporation and decided to dig deeper. Shawn found out information about the alien technology and the genocide of those who were born with the powers of the mind. Shawn was one of the lead members who carried out some of the assassinations. Feeling regret, he ran awol with his field partner, Nebula. Together they created the Dark Raven Clique and turned their focus to aiding the mind powered humans. They have now focused their attention on Kyana after reading her file and discovering that she has become the next target. They intend to end the assassinations, starting with her and bringing on a new peaceful era following the age of oppression.

Sniper has cybernetic augmentation that allows him to link to certain firearms. This enables him to lock on to targets and deliver direct hits at a 90% chance. He is deadly at long range but is still able to hold his own in hand to hand combat. More info on Sniper and the remaining members of DRC later.

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