Saturday, August 12, 2006

DRC: Nebula

Code Name: Nebula
Real Name: Danielle Danes (DeeDee)

Here's DRC's second in command. She was also a member of the Corp Elite and specializes in computers. She is a class S hacker, meaning she is one of the highest ranked computer hackers in the business. Like Sniper, she also has cybernetic attachments. Nebula's cybernetics allow her to communicate with computers more freely. Now she acts as the eyes and ears of the DRC searching for mind powered beings and staying ahead of those who oppose her group. She doubles as the team treasurer, secretly withdrawing money from wealthy accounts to help fund the DRC. She targets wealthy organizations, taking small, almost unnoticable amounts from these accounts but just enough to support the teams needs and expenses.

Nebula is also a user of firearms and owns a pulse cannon, not yet released on the market. As a matter of fact. She stole the prototype and the blueprints from he previous employer as a parting gift. The missing blueprints make it near impossible for the cannon to be recreated. This is one way of stopping such a powerful weapon from getting in the hands of those who would use it to cause terror and destruction.

Nebula likes eating ice cream and searching the internet.


denism said...

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